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This is an agreement of services in exchange for compensation. JER JOH Entertainment/Multimedia (JER JOH WEB DESIGN.COM) functions as the service provider in this agreement with paying customer for creation of a website for company brand. The services being provided are website design and fees are being assessed for the web design. There is a separate fee for web hosting and e commerce, email or any other services to be linked to website.


This contract also acknowledges that JER JOH Entertainment/Multimedia will make corrections for any errors or omission on the company’s behalf during a 14 calendar day period after final creation of website. After such period JER JOH Entertainment will make corrections via email submitted to . Site will be designed ready for first review within 14 business days from date of prepaid services.


Monthly webmaster fee is the amount based upon package client selects.  The upgrades will occur within 48 to 72 business hours consisting of a Monday thru Friday business hour schedule of 9am to 5pm. An outlined separate sheet attached with this contract list line items for easy review of charges related to website design and web site maintenance. The agreed design fee is based upon the package you select at time of payment. If monthly service payments are not rendered from customer the services will first be suspended. After 15 days of suspension on the 16th day the service will be terminated until account is paid for the amount past due. This is a monthly agreement and customer can terminate service if so desired. No refund will be issued for termination. Website can be used for promotional and marketing purposes in perpetuity for such things such as advertisement and banners unless specified in writing. All services must be paid in full prior to the designing, amending or reactivating a website. By surrendering payment for services you acknowledge agreement to the listed terms and future company policy changes that may arise. This serves as notice for terms of agreement. 






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